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Gavigan Group

Gavigan Homes is one of the Nation’s Highest Ranked Builders and has been recognized for their achievements by national publications. Their team has been responsible for achieving over 2 billion dollars in current and future economic growth through land development. Call Billy at 843-252-3559 for more information.




Gavigan’s Group

Billy Gavigan knew from an early age what he wanted to become and has gone on to fulfill that dream and achieve the goals he set early on. He worked for his father, James Gavigan, in his real estate development and construction company as a child.

He pursued real estate and urban redevelopment and decided to make the South Carolina real estate market his next goal, which he did. 

Billy has a proven track record of high return deals totaling more than $350 million in direct sales and $1 billion in indirect and development relationships, having great growth impact on the southeast. 


Award-Winning Gavigan Group


Gavigan Group is proud to say that our company reflects consistency and commitment to our customers, just as the Lowcountry has been known for hospitality and good Southern manners. So, it is because of our high level of quality in building, along with our matchless customer service, that GUILDQUALITY has recognized GAVIGAN GROUP, a huge winner, amongst many other businesses, with the utmost quality in the residential building industry – our company’s cornerstone. Just as importantly, however, we have also been acknowledged for excellence at a very high caliber by our customers who presented us with surveys indicating 100 percent satisfaction 50 consecutive times.



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Beaufort, SC 29901



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