Azalea Life


  Azalea Square is a small but classy community with an amazing pool that serves as one of the social areas. Moms bring their kids there or adults relax with a book or the FREE WIFI. Relax and jump in and out of the water, and  make friends hile relaxing. At sunset, we may just sit around the pool with friends and neighbors enjoying a glass of wine or soft drink.


Azalea Life

Residents will enjoy 100 acres of beautifully appointed homes among natures' best, characterized in open spaces for walking and jogging, giving residents a sense of spaciousness in a private setting. In addition to the spectacular community pool and a well-placed pond, other amenities are nature's source, such as lovely azaleas, abounding with beautiful flowers, along with abundant trees.

Azalea Wellness

A few laps in the pool each day, along with walking, jogging or running along the open spaces in The Square, you will be energized and ready for whatever the day brings. The beauty and spaciousness in Azalea Square is yours as you move rapidly against the wind. Look for the trails amidst the abundant beauty of nature.

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